Berlin Highlights

This tour of Berlin highlights is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to Berlin History and culture condensed into four hours. It is astounding how much of Berlin can be covered by foot. Or by bike. And for those interested in covering even more ground it is always possible to organize a touring sedan, van […]

Jewish Berlin Walk

In terms of sheer land mass, Berlin is one of the largest cities in Europe. Its historical city center, however, is supremely walkable. Even more so the neighborhoods around the Hackescher Courtyards. First and foremost, this is one of the most charming neighborhoods of Berlin that was largely preserved through the bombing. When the Berlin […]

Introduction to Berlin Highlights as well as Jewish Berlin

Berlin has become one of the most popular tourists destination in all of Europe. It is actually the third most visited European city after London and Paris. That’s right. Berlin is a more popular destination than Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna and the other European classics. When you get here you’ll quickly understand why. Nevertheless people […]

Jewish Berlin & Libeskind’s Jewish Museum

Berlin’s Jewish Museum breaks the mold of any Jewish Museum and is a must-see on any tour itinerary. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece which attracted over a half-a-million visitors on its own before the historical exhibition was even installed. A crucial part of the tour therefore begins outside of the building just trying […]

Nazi History in Berlin

For all who have a deep historical interest in Berlin this tour is a must. Because the period of Nazi History in Berlin came to characterize German History as a whole. As the turning point of World History in the 20th Century all of German History leading up to World War II and subsequent to […]