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One on One Travel Consultations

If you are traveling to Berlin, one thing is for sure. You are facing an array of challenging questions. From all of the exciting options, which hotel is the one that best suits your needs? Once you arrive in Berlin what is the best way to get you and your group from the airport to the hotel? Berlin has over a hundred world class museums. Which ones should you visit? In which order? After your touring what are the places you want to visit on your own time? In which order should you plan your itinerary? In order to maximize your travel experience to what you say “yes” and to what should you say “maybe next time?” There are endless questions that each traveller to Berlin faces. And we make it possible for you to tackle your most pressing questions in a one-on-one consultation with a Berlin expert.

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  • Save Money
  • Discover More
  • Save Money
  • Avoid Mistakes
  • Revolutionizing your Travel Experience in Berlin


30 Minute Consultation: 50 EUR

60 Minute Consultation: 100 EUR